Libalele Energy is a solar energy development company in Africa. It is one of South Africa’s energy project EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) with its focus on solar projects in diverse market segments. Founded in 2016, Libalele Energy is bringing its customers to the forefront of the energy revolution.

A proud African company, Libalele Energy is a strong advocate for expanding the renewable energy sector, not just as an energy source but as an integral part of economic, environmental and social aims for its respective communities.

Libalele’s management strongly believes in the huge potential of renewable energy on the African. It has unique capabilities to fully develop solar energy projects with expert teams in site development, engineering, procurement, construction, installation, commissioning, testing and finance.


For billions of years the sun has been our primary source of energy.

More than 5.000 degrees Celsius at the surface of the sun produce a radiant energy 10.000 times larger than the world’s total power demand.

Photovoltaic (PV) technology is becoming an extremely favourable form of renewable energy technology due to the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and our imperative drive towards a sustainable utilization of energy resources for electric power generation worldwide.

We have a vast number of options to harvest, store and deliver solar energy to users in all geographical regions and market segments.

Earth presently consumes energy at a rate of about 17.7 trillion watts (17 terawatt, TW), that would reach 30 TW by 2050 assuming a similar population growth rate.

The solar energy irradiating the surface of the Earth is almost four orders of magnitude larger than the rate our civilisation can consume it. This is obviously more than sufficient if harnessed properly. The energy potential of the sun is 120,000 TW at earth surface. More practically, assuming that only 10% efficiency and covering less than 2% of earth surface would get us 50 TW.

Off-grid solar should be Africa’s energy future. Off-grid simply means a system where people don’t rely on the support of remote infrastructure, like connectivity to a centralised electricity grid, but instead use a stand-alone independent power supply. Such systems are perfect for people living in rural areas. Access to energy should be a basic human right for the 620 million people across Africa deprived from it.

It is obvious that solar energy represents the most potent and sustainable energy resource for us. We at Libalele Energy bring the suitable solar energy solution to you.